Alcoholics Anonymous is a successful International Fellowship. Tradition #3 states the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are A.A. members of many Faiths as well as atheists, agnostics and the like. This tab in no way promotes any Faith, Religion or Creed. It is the hope of this tab to breakdown Spiritual terms in a more simplistic lanquage. If you have any suggestions please email us on the contact page. We hope you will become sober in the manner that is befitting to you. There are A.A. members that have become sober through A.A. meetings, service work and or helping another member. If you find that is not enough to stay sober and gain sobriety the following 12 Step Big Book suggestions might be your answer.


Alcoholics Anonymous does not endorse, approve or help build this website in any manner.

   12 Step Spiritual Solution

Agenda for Workshop

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Agenda for Workshop

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Workshop Agenda #3

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Workshop Agenda #5--

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Final Workshop Agenda:

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There are over 20 various 12 Step Programs such as Al-anon, Gamblers Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and other's.  There are different programs with there method of working the Steps.  The similairities are very noticable.  There are 12 Step workbooks, phamphlets and other great methods of working the Steps! The 12 Step & 12 Tradition (also known as The 12 & 12) book is also a great book to gain more knowledge and insight on working the 12 Steps.

Online Allen Oakwood Correctional Facility Meetings for September 2023 

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