Area 47 Participation Survey

Dear Area 47 Members,

Your voice is crucial to guiding the future of our fellowship. As we approach the General Service Conference in a few weeks (April 14th), we invite you to participate in our Agenda Item Survey. This is more than a vote; it’s about sharing your group’s insights and experiences to inform our delegate on what truly matters to our Area.

The General Service Conference shapes our path forward, making your perspective invaluable. The depth of your reasons behind each decision enriches our collective understanding and ensures our actions reflect our fellowship’s needs.

Please, take a moment to contribute to this vital dialogue. You can fill this out individually, or gather your group’s input and submit a response on behalf of the entire group. Your input will help shape the decisions that affect us all.

Please do not feel required to answer every single question as there are plenty, but do make sure that you click the “Done” button at the end of the survey to ensure your feedback is recorded.

Thank you for your commitment to service and recovery and feel free to share this with any AA friends in Central New York.

The link is here:   Survey Link


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