Elmira Intergroup trusted servant list:

Chair - Bob J. - e-mail: chair@aaelmira.org

Alternate  Chair - Adrienne H.

Secretary - Ellie  - e-mail: secretary@aaelmira.org

Treasurer - Dave F. - e-mail: treasurer@aaelmira.org

Elmira Correctional Facility - John L.

email - ecf@aaelmira.org

Public Information Committee - Dave F.

Treatment Facilities Committee &

Cooperation with the Professional Community

Dian G. email: treatmentcpc@aaelmira.org

Treatment Facilities Committee

Alternate: Mark W.

Archivist - (Vacant) email: archives@aaelmira.org

Literature Committee- Anthony W.  Email: literature@aaelmira.org

Special Events Committee - Pete K.

Special Needs Committee - John Y. email: specialneedscomittee.@aaelmira.org



500s Districts e-mail Addresses

0500 DCM - David W.   dvwebb25@gmail.com

0500 alt DCM - Don G.   gordyinhornell@gmail.com 

0530&0540 DCM - Steve C. - 0500@aaelmira.org

0530&0540 alt DCM  Larry L. 0500@aaelmira.org

0550 DCM Beverly A. Bev1946@localnet.com




Please send changes and  updates to:  webmaster@aaelmira.org


Reminders and Info:

Intergroup: Open Service Position-

1- Archivist

Please email if interested: webmaster@aaelmira.org


Attention All Groups Please Fill out:

InterGroup Rep 

Update Form-

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