A.A. Elmira Correctional Facility: The Hill Group 

Welcome  Alcoholics Anonymous in Elmira NY has a group which meets at the Elmira Correctional Facility twice a week. Thanks to some grateful members of A.A. this group has been meeting in the  the prison for over 50 years since the group  started in 1962! 


The Group meets Wednesday and Fridays, volunteers need to arrive by 5:45 pm for processing and the meeting runs from 7pm - 9pm. You can print 2 types of applications below which will allow you to particpte in the Group. The 1st is a visitor application for a 1 time event. The 2nd is for a member who wishes to register as a full time volunteer, this will allow the volunteer to enter the facility on a regular basis for group meeting nights. 


1) One Time Vistor Application Click Here:  Form


2) Group Participating Application Click Here:  Form


Please Mail Either Application too:

Heather Beschler Volunteer Services

Elmira C.F.

PO Box 500

Elmira NY 14902

Any questions please email John L. - ecf@aaelmira.org or Call (607)873-3069



We can also bring the Message through the:

AA Corrections Correspondence Program click the link for more info: LINK

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InterGroup Rep 

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