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If your new to the Program of Alcoholics Anonymous or you want to help a loved one please call the District support line phone number at (607)249-4276 even in this difficult time that our Country and the World is facing we can get you immediate assistance.


Elmira Intergroup & District 0500 Presents:


Conference Call Meetings  Monday Thru Sunday 7pm-8pm Every Night & Morning 10:30am-11:30am


2 Different Access Codes For the Meetings

10:30am Morning Conference Call

Call-  16465588656

Access code- 880439166

10:30am Meeting log in thru your computer or smart phone Link:



7:00pm Nightly Conference Call

Call-  16465588656

Access code- 533245176


7:00pm Meeting log in thru your computer or smart phone Link:


Very easy to use this service dial the number type in access code once then press # and wait (don't worry about the participant code)District 0500 Support Line (607)249-4276 call or text if your having trouble getting on the Conference Call Meeting


Join our Daily Big Book Quotes

Big Book Quotes right to your inbox everyday


  • Copy and paste the link into your email and ask to be put on the list:




The Corning Hospital Big book Study Group is starting a online Big Book Meeting you can go to and use the Meeting-----  ID#-716466429

password: 015884

 log into the meeting starting 03/22/20 at 7:30pm for the first meeting starting in the beginning of the book every Sunday night Guest Speaker Chad P. from Austin Texas Sunday 03/29/20



Friday Night at Bill's Place

Phone Conference Meeting 8pm


Call: 14254366381

Meeting Code: 514336




Corning NY Presents 

Lonnie's Daily Noon Zoom Meeting 

Click the link here : Meeting 


Correction if you want to join by phone follow these intstructions:

Phone Join By Phone (No Internet)

Dial in Number: 1(646)5588656

Meeting ID: 207690513

Monday - Sunday Meeting


              5pm Happy Hour Meeting

  Formerly the 5:15pm meeting at the North Presbyterian Church  

The Grove Park Meeting 


Meeting by phone only Call:  16465588656   
Meeting Code: 949 352 081
*****After you enter the Meeting code and press # wait in 5-10 seconds you will be pulled into the meeting We do not need the PARTICIPANT CODE IGNORE THAT REQUEST
Here is the link to join meeting thru computer or smart phone:



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Sunday Morning 9:00am Corning NY Meeting:
Click the link here to join on your computer:



Here are 2 more Corning NY online Zoom Meeings:
9am Recovery Meeting
5pm "Page 89" Meeting
Click the link here to join both meetings online at the above times: 
To call in the meeting on your phone call:
Phone: 1(929)205-6099
Meeting ID: 7275525075


The Primary Purpose Group Presents:

Joe and Charlie Big Book Study Group


Grab Your Big Book and go thru the Book with Joe and Charlie page by page as the narrator! 


Click the link here:


     Big Book


 GRAPEVINE ISSUE January 2018 Please Read:


Due to geographical and physical limitations, my first year of sobriety took place online. I had no face- to-face fellowship.

When I reached one year, I got a big surprise and saw the heart of AA at work. Six wonderful members from my online meeting traveled many miles and held a real-life AA meeting in my home! There were lots of hugs and handshakes and tears. We read the Traditions and Serenity Prayer and shared our experience, strength and hope. It was wonderful. This gift of love will forever be a part of my AA experience. If you know of any member who may be alone, give them a call or a visit or send an email. Share with them the heart of AA, like my friends did for me. Love is best when we pass it on.

Pat L.

Jasper, N.Y.





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