Here is an Email I received from Charlie & Katie as a follow up to the BB Study  during the summer of 2017.

Hey Guys! Katie and I had a blast there and are so grateful for your hospitality.

It has taken a long time for me to get all these emails entered. I apologize for the delay.

I entered one page on 8-8, one page on 8-20, and the last two pages today.

Here is a lot of stuff that I like to send out to folks after a conference. There are a lot of attachments. Mostly stuff that I agree with. I didn't write most of it. Please just open something and check it out. Maybe some step one stuff, whatever.  Don’t just park it in the inbox and mean to get to it sometime. Open something now! That will at least break the seal.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything to discuss.  

Stay in the book and Stay in the Work!

Much love,  Charlie and Katie P.    


 Be sure to give the Wilson House workshop a listen. It’s several cd’s but it gives a good look at our take on working the program.

This is Katie and I doing a workshop at Wilson House 2011:

Folder name: Charlie & Katie Parker , at Wilson House , Feb.2011:
Download link in 8 single cd’s

I have joined them all together to make it a Single MP3 File , thereby making it easier for future users,

 The link is below   


Here is what Mark Houston Considered his best workshop (from 1994);



Here is a link to a Step One talk that Charlie did in 2009 at Stateline. It went very well and has a lot of good information. 45 minutes. It can be very helpful in understanding how to present the description of our disease to newcomers and oldtimers alike.,_from_Austin_TX._at_Primm_NV._Step_1_._Dec._2009.mp3


My Favorite speaker site is the Sobriety First website done by Willie B. in Orlando, FL (a tireless soldier for the cause):

There are enough talks there to keep you going for life. Over 30,000 talks and 450 workshops.

But don’t be intimidated by that, just start with one!


There are tons of talks and workshops there. Chris S. from NJ, Chris R from Texas and his brother Myers R. (my sponsor) from Texas are heavy duty guys as well as my deceased sponsor Mark H from Texas. Bob B from St Paul, Scott Lee, and  another herois Bob D from Las Vegas, Check out a Big Book Experience with Bob D and Scott Lee.

A lot of my learning has come from burning cd's from these kind of sites and listening to them.


In regards to this site which has a HUGE number  of recorded talks, this just came in from it’s webmaster:

“Since my website is getting so large , I have had to split it into seperate sections.


Regular AA talks can be found at :


All the AA Workshops can be accessed here...


All the AA Conventions can be accessed here...


All the Alanon Workshops here...

Please pass this on to everyone that you know in Recovery.   


There is also a great site from Chris S's group in New Jersey. There is the Oak Ridge workshop here that Katie and Chris and I didone year. Lots of good stuff here...


Here’s a direct link to the Oak Ridge Workshop from 2009. It was our first workshop and probably still some of our best stuff.



Here is a link to a site that is a gold mine of information.  

This link takes you to a great paper by Harry Thiebout  about “The Ego Facors in Surrender in Alcoholism”. Very enlightening.




Mark&Joe Considerations for Step 1


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Steps 123 Outline


Nightly Review


Why we were Chosen








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