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Agenda for Workshop

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12 Step Workshop
Sponsored by:
Our Primary Purpose Group
We will work Each Step Using--
The Big Book
We will we answer every(any) Question we 
possibly can Through The Big Book
and Through The Power Greater Than ourselve's.  We are inviting all members of A.A. We will work every Step just like the Founding Members of A.A. did in the 1930's. 
If you wish to be totally anonymous you can list your name as anonymous online and ask any question you have through the chat button or if you wish to call in you can block your telephone number.  If you call in and have a question you can have a friend ask it so no one recognizes or knows your voice. Any member has the ability and our permission to be totally Anonymous if you so desire. (3) things we want you to consider right now is: 1- Are you wiling to go to any length to recover 2- Do you have the ability to Stay sober on your own power and or do you battle with the obsession to drink? Please read Page 186 (2nd Paragraph) in the A.A. Big Book 4th Edition (Bill W. & Dr. Bob ask Bill D. an important question) 3- Are you willing to believe in a Power Greater Than yourself?
These questions are important and will be asked at the beginning of the Workshop.
We are looking for people that realize they can not get the drink thought (obsession) out of there mind and if they do get the drink thought out of there mind it usually comes back strong or again and again. We are hoping the attendees of the Workshop feel that they can't stay sober or that they cant stay sober for long on thier own power.  We are also looking for members that battle with the drink thought in there mind (even members that have been in A.A. for a long time go through this if they have not completed the 12 Steps) are you battling the drink thought multiple times during the week or month? If you are, you are Probably powerless and need to work or finish the 12 Steps of A.A.  We welcome you with an Open Heart and we will show you how this can be removed day by day from your mind, body and Spirit.
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